- stole my $ and told me too bad

West Palm Beach, Florida 2 comments

If you want to speak and entrust your most documents to foreigners who are not there to help you go with business had lawsuits and bad reviews across the board.

Do Not trust them as they always find a way to blame their screw up on someone else (i.e. FedEx or the Department of State) to cover their incompetence. I think they hire people for minimum wage and they just don't care as long as they get paid.

I am sorry that I was so naive and in the time of need did not do my due diligence to check them out.DON'T USE THEM!

Review about: Passport Service.



i got burned byt this company too. they are total ***.


The people are rude and the prices are ridiculous!! Then they charge you a fee to cancel!!! Don't use it, not worth it at all!

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